The Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope will be a very productive exercise in promoting positive political discourse. With this being the first post of this new blog, I have several goals I hope to accomplish. First, I want to introduce myself to you. Next, I want to explain the mission of this blog and what I hope to create with it. Lastly, I’ll explain my reasoning behind the name. Without further delay, here is a little bit about me.

I am currently a graduate student seeking a PhD in Political Science at Penn State University in State College Pennsylvania. My research interests are law and courts. Specifically, I am interested in studying Constitutional Law. My career aspirations are to become a constitutional scholar and to teach Constitutional Law either at the undergraduate or law school level. I am a licensed attorney in the state of Pennsylvania with a law degree from Penn State Law. I also have my bachelor’s degree in political science from Penn State. There is a reason this town is commonly referred to as “Happy Valley”. I have found it hard to leave.

My home-town is Berwick, Pennsylvania. It is a very small mostly rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a very conservative, blue collar, down to earth place. These characteristics of my home-town have helped shape my world-view. My parents have also contributed to that effort with my father being a traveling salesman and my mother being an extremely dedicated stay-at-home mom. I attribute many of my ideological and philosophical positions to them. I would describe myself ideologically as a “Reagan Conservative”. What this means to me is that I generally support low levels of government involvement in our lives, especially in the area of the markets. However, I recognize the importance and utility of a strong government presence in the area of national defense. I am also socially conservative. This has recently led to me being without a home in terms of political party, although I do identify most as a Republican. While I credit my parents with largely crafting my world view, I also attribute to them my sense of logical thinking and openness to facts and data, even if they threaten a preconceived notion of mine. If you’re wondering why I’m telling you so much about my upbringing, the answer lies in my mission for this blog.

Simply put, I’m starting this blog as an attempt to foster both passionate and insightful political discussion and debate. I want to use this blog to address current events both in the political and legal sphere from an academic background applying both my legal education as well as my developing scientific education. Too often today we see current events discussed at a very superficial level with little to no prolonged intellectual discussion after its twenty-four hours shelf life. I hope this project will serve as a means to create this deeper political discourse.

As for why I gave you such a detailed personal background about myself, I wanted the readers of this blog (hi, Mom) to have an understanding of where I’m coming from philosophically and ideologically on any given topic or post. I think understanding where I’m from, and the environment I grew up in, will aid readers in being able to do that. In other words, I want readers to be able to see how I got from point A to point B. Next, I’ll touch briefly on what went into naming this blog.

In the preamble to the Constitution, the founders expressed their desire to form “a more perfect union”. Their vision of this more prefect union was one with justice, peace, and prosperity for all of its people. This phrase expressed a desire to create a nation that was better than what they had at the time. It was a call towards progress of society. While our nation has often fallen well short of this goal, we have always strived towards creating this ideal place to live. I entitled this blog “A More Perfect Union” because I hope this project can serve this national call to progress by improving how we discuss politics.

With that said, I can’t wait to get after it. I hope I see people both enraged and delighted with what I write. I hope to see people hold me accountable when I make mistakes. I hope to see insightful and respectful battles in the comments section. But most of all, I hope this endeavor leads to a more enlightened society and a more perfect union.

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